Hiring Thistle and Honey is an investment in one of the most special and memorable (and most photographed!) days of your life. This investment, like any sizable purchase, shouldn't be taken lightly.


We pride ourselves on the years of knowledge and expertise that we have amassed from working in this field. We don't strive to recreate your favorite images from Pinterest - we prefer to work from an inspired place and give you those Pinterest worthy images from scratch. We want to hear your story, what inspires you and makes you tick. We want to know what role flowers are going to play in your event, and what emotions you want our designs to evoke. 


The logistical knowledge, pre-production and post-production work is an intrinsic value that you may never see first hand, but in hiring us you are investing into a company that has spent years honing this craft. Workshops, freelancing, trial and error, countless hours of work that go beyond that pretty picture you see on Instagram. You can rest assured that you are hiring a company that is well rooted in the craft and will go above and beyond to bring our designs to life. 


It is nearly impossible to put a numerical value on the dedication of a person who is willing to set their alarm at 3am week after week to make the 4 hour round trip to the best flower market in the country and tirelessly sources from local farms and growers. This passion is a value you will not see reflected on your estimate.


You see, we want you to WANT to work with us. To see the value in investing in your wedding day as well as in the livelihood of a small business owner. We want you to feel something when you see our work. We want you to walk into your wedding and feel blown away.


We approach working with our clients like dating, is this a good match? Do we work well together? Do we see eye to eye? We believe that your wedding vendors should be your soul mates just as much as your fiancé. When you consider hiring Thistle and Honey, know that we value you as a client as much as we hope you value us as a company, artist, and small business.